Laura BenAmots

“Crack open Eros on Canvas and enjoy the yummy, creamy, sweet and salty, sensual poetry of thick paint well spread. 
Satisfying ingredients include uninhibited close-ups, interracial lovemaking, and a skilled woman’s touch. 
You’ll want to savor it’s pages slowly like when eating three scoops of Vanilla Swiss Almond ice cream drenched with 
hot chocolate sauce.”
-Annie Sprinkle, Ph.D.
Sex Worker turned Artist/Sexologist

     Another worthwhile project on behalf of a very worthy artist....
Kudos amigo.
-Gerry Riggs, Independent Curator/Artist/Former Director and Founder of The Gallery of Contemporary Art UCCS

“BenAmots’ paintings draw from (a) reserve of quality and skill… 
Her paintings, though unlike Schiele’s, probe the depths of the emotional content of life’s most secret subject and studies the juncture where 
aesthetic beauty becomes overwhelmed by the moral value (or lack thereof).
…the ease and elegance with which these paintings are produced is 
humbling. The line quality alone is a joy to see. Color usage is generally 
composed of warm pinks and peaches, bright bloody reds and purples, with contrasting touches of black… The brushstrokes are highly energetic, sketchy, and at times fragile despite their ostensible strength, which is the perfect vehicle to investigate and communicate the sensitivities of 
the subject matter… simultaneously energetic and fragile. 

A sophisticated abstract quality of the images lies just below the realistic representations. 

-Jay B. Miller Mayor’s Arts commision
Colorado Springs Arts Counsel
Educational Director BAC Manitou Springs
Formerly of Cincinatti Museum of Art

“Great Show. Powerful!”
Craig Cantrell, artist, Business of Art Center

“Brilliant work to start a dreamy sensual summer!”
-installation artist, DeLane

-Guillermo, Cucuru Gallery

-Spika & Sarah, artists

“Your show is inspiring and NEEDED.”
-Aaron Retka, Bon Vivant magazine


“Absolutely ballsy, beautiful and breath taking...
Thank you for revealing the beauty of intimacy.... your work... 
it excites us from head to toe....”

It was a little startling coming through...

I walked in the room and said “wow!” 
Absolutely incredible work. Very touching, very real, thank you!

Stunning and real...
great dynamic. yet a soft touch in the colors. wow!

Very touching in a truly human way...
refreshing and powerful.

....unlocking the erotic in a very approachable and
beautiful way.

...put me in a great place of of people

Anyone who doesn’t appreciate this exhibition (or book) 
hasn’t had good sex!


“I’d Hang These Paintings on My Wall!”
-Marilyn Chambers 

 “The brush strokes and colors give it an intense feel.”
-Georgina Spelvin

“Some of these paintings  makes me want to jump right in. Lauras got the human form just right. I like the angles and perspective too.”
Amber Lynn

“The world needs more exotic art. These are beautiful images in paint.
-Kay Parker

 “I don’t know much about art, but I do about sex. 
The mouths, vaginas, assholes, penisis, Love it all!”
-Alexa Rae 

“This is almost as good as watching Porn!”
-Sharon Mitchell 


“Like Mapplethorpe’s X, Y, and Z Portfolios, this exhibit is separated into three rooms, each of increasing depth as it relates to their internal dialogue regarding human sexuality, each increasingly graphic. 

Note here that pornographic and obscene are not the same thing. Obscene refers to imagery that has no redeeming artistic value, and that is so obviously NOT the case here that only someone completely unaware of the difference could apply the word. Pornographic, on the other hand, simply means sexually explicit, and these images are certainly that.

BenAmot is not seeking the Platonic ideal. She is investigating real bodies under the real pressures and desires of private life with another. Her paintings are not seeking the timeless and the perfect, they are trying to understand the moment in time and the imperfections of human desire.”

-Jay Miller